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Signs of good Assisted Living Facilities

Posted on July 24, 2011 at 10:59 AM
Signs of good Assisted Living facilities Franka Tirado, Cascadia Courts 
Signs of good Assisted Living facilities:  
1. Management Methodology: the ways in which management/owners operate the facility is telling.  Observe their attention to detail and how they intereact with their staff.  Don't be impressed by what is said but how it is said.  Is there an open door policy whereby staff and family can comfortably in approach unannounced?  How are complaints and compliments handled?  What level of response do you get when one is submitted and how timely?  Both are critical to a good work environment and a safe and caring resident environment.   
2. Staff Style:  Assisted living facilities have staff from diverse backgrounds.  There should be a good sense of cultural appreciation from management teams to regular staff.  A content staff exudes signs such as easy rapport with other staff members, residents, family members, managers and visitors.  If staff with-holds critial information for fear or repraisal - be very wary as this may indicate an intimidating leadership style and is not conducive to a good care environment.  Transparency is the key.  A well trained staff will be comfortable in readily disclosing sensitive information to management in a timely fashion and be rewarded for doing so.  
3. Resident Regard:  You should expect your loved one to be treated with a high level of regard.  Well regarded residents indicate a caring culture which is exemplified by the management and owners.  This is a good sign and is not easily masked.  Look for how problemmatic residents are handled.  There should be a rehearsed approach to problem resolution by team members frin the residents' perspective.  Are residents' individual needs addressed individually?  Large facilities struggle with handling personalized/individualized care to residents as staff ratios are often high and unrealistic. 

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Reply senior living communities chicago
7:11 AM on May 14, 2014 
Great list! All of these signs are really important in finding a good assisted living community. If their facilities are good, you can definitely expect a good service. From the management, staff and how they treat people/residents. "Transparency is the key". That, I believe, sums it all up. Thanks for this valuable information.

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Reply Scribner Cho
8:55 AM on November 20, 2014 
You forgot one thing, the most important one, the facility itself. If the facility is old, run down, or not up to the current standards, then even if all the 3 criteria are available, it still won't make a good place to provide satisfactory assisted living. That's like promising to buy my essay, and then paying me with rubber balls since you didn't technically state what you're going to pay me with.
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